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Hydraulic Modular Valves

 Pressure Control, Flow Control and Check Valves for mounting
 between a Directional Control Valve and Subplate or Manifold. 
 Available in DO3 and D05 sizes

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To Mount with the SWH-G02 Valves (NFPA Size D03):

MRF-02    Relief Valves
MPR-02    Pressure Reducing Valves
MT-02       Flow Control Valves
MC-02      Check Valves
MSC-02    Solenoid Check Valves
MPC-02    Pilot-Operated Check Valves

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To Mount with the SWH-G03 Valves (NFPA Size D05):

MRF-03     Relief Valves
MPR-03     Pressure Reducing Valves
MT-03       Flow Control Valves
MC-03        Check Valves
MSC-03      Solenoid Operated Check Valves
MPC-02      Pilot-Operated Check Valves

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To Mount with the SWH-G04 Valves (NFPA Size D07):

MPR-04     Pressure Reducing Valves
MT-04       Flow Control Valves
MPC-04      Pilot-Operated Check Valves

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To Mount with the SWH-G06 Valves (NFPA Size D08):

MRF-06     Relief Valves
MPR-06     Pressure Reducing Valves
MT-06       Flow Control Valves
MPC-06      Pilot-Operated Check Valves

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Modular Valve Catalog


Single Station Subplates

Subplates: NFPA Sizes D03, D05


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NFPA Size D03: M02
NFPA Size D05: M03

Modular Bolt Kits
Bolt kits to mount the  modular stack series are available in either inch
thread size or metric thread size. The "Number of Valves " in the part
number build-up refers to the number of modular valves in the stack.
View the product sheet: MBK


Modular Valve Circuits
View a product guide for tips on mounting certain modular stack elements
with a directional control valve: ModularCircuits


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